Create your Soul Landscape

Create your Soul Landscape

Awaken your creativity.

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Enriching Life.

"Drawing my soul tree really reminded me of the things which give me strength in life. It not only made me more aware of myself, but of the objects and enjoyments which give me definition. Plus, it was really good fun!"

Megan. Cambridge

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My experience of doing my soul tree was one of joy and discovery. I found the whole experience freeing and refreshing and came away knowing myself on a deeper level in the mind, the heart, but also creatively. I felt safe at all times being nurtured and gently held in the process I came away with a delightful tree landscape that works like a mirror, showing me who I was and now am. Thank you Marion :-)

with love


Hi Marion,
I am truly in love with the painting, just shines a light of positivity in my room


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